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The Awesomesausage – Zimp Vs. Brain 2

So, last week I went ziplining in St.John’s New Brunswick. It was a very interesting experience and, really, what else is there to do in St.John’s? Oh, I saw a SEAL also. This ziplining excursion was my first real brush with my greatest fear: HEIGHTS. Seriously, that motherfucker was HIGH. We even crossed over the river with the zipline at one point. Here I was having to put all my trust in my harness and buckles that were strapped to me and quite possibly smothering any ability I’d have to procreate. In the end, it was all worth it to look down below me as I zipped across and realize that fears can be conquered… however, having to hold your pee and being stuck high up in the air, well, that, that needs improvement (for the sake of saving me from embarrassment, no, I didn’t piss myself).

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The Awesomesausage: Zimp VS. Brain

So, lately, as I begin to listen and take with stride all the things my brain tells me, I’ve become aware that a lot of what it says is full-out bull plop. Seriously.

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The Awesomesausage #5 – Friends: And Why You Might Not Have Any.

Here’s something that’s always fun: FEEDBACK. I love getting feedback. Lately one of my students came up to me and said, “You haven’t done-did a new Awesomesausage! Done-do one!!” Then I was like, “Holy shit, you’re right!” That’s when I FAILED HIM!! MUHAHA. No seriously, a lot of people have told me how they loved the comic  and I love to hear that! I was going to do them regardless of what people thought (levitating breasts are so funny to me) so the positive comments are definitely nice validation. Without further a-doing-things, here’s an Awesomesausage on Friends…

**inspired by real events.

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The Awesomesausage #4 – Risk Level: ORANGE

Well, look at that, we’re already at #4 of The Awesomesausage? That’s pretty awesomesausage.

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The Awesomesausage #3 – Twitter Humour vs. Facebook Humour

I don’t know about the rest of you but when it comes to posting things on Twitter and on Facebook I’m very selective about WHAT I post on WHICH social network. It’s not like I want to rob my Facebook friends of all the quirky amazing things I post on Twitter, it’s just that the people vary on each site. Here’s a little cartoon showcasing my experience and taking humour into account. It’s very similar to another cartoon I did a while back, the difference being that this is THE AWESOMESAUSAGE!!! Enjoy your meal!

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The Awesomesausage #2 – Nutella: Knife vs. Spoon

Finally, history’s biggest question finally gets it’s due: how should you spread Nutella? With a KNIFE? of with a SPOON?!? No, seriously, if we’re going by what CNN reports daily, this is technically history’s biggest question.

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The Awesomesausage #1 – How Christine O’Donnell Will Get You to Stop Masturbating

Introducing “The Awesomesausage” a comic drawn and written by yours truly based on whatever I feel like I should base it on and comes out every time I feel the need to draw another “The Awesomesausage.” Let me know what you guys think! In the first episode I target Christine O’Donnell and her ongoing struggle to stop YOU from touching yourself!! Let’s face it, the lady’s a little nuts… haha… get it? nuts??? cause.. balls…and.. nuts.. are..  just read the damn comic.

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