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What It All Means…

Posted on Jan 12, 2010 by in Blog | 8 comments


You know, in life, we kind of start to lose sight of the things that really matter to us. It’s true. That’s why we tend to care more for something when it’s in danger or taken away. We forget what it means to us, why it made us get up in the morning, why we did it in the first place. Why does this happen?

Lately, I’ve had shitloads time to think. I had 3 weeks off from my job and, as you can see from my site and twitter feeds, haven’t been active online all that much. I haven’t made a video in a while either (besides the Nonna Maria Christmas episode). I took all this time to reflect on what the fuck I want to do with my life. I feel like I want to take on everything, which overwhelms the shit out of me, so I just sit around and meditate on it. Well, what did I find during this whole time of reflection? I found that, reflection, while good, can also be bad. In fact, reflecting and thinking too much can be very well detrimental to the life you want to live.

In the times we’re living in, where “thinking positive” is now all the rage. Where books like “The Secret” sell you the idea that if you want to win at life, you just need to sit down and think about winning at life. In this era where we’re all looking for the easy way out, the diet pill or slap chop to make us slimmer, the abridged version of the “Laws of Attraction” that makes us feel okay with spending a whole day playing Uncharted 2 in our underwear on the couch. I mean, sure, I’m playing Uncharted 2 but at least I’m “thinking” about wealth and fame.

While I definitely encourage any positivity, I realized that what all these positive thoughts, goal planning, writing, vision boards, mind movies, hypnotist recordings, meditations, binaural sounds, enhanced music, subliminal sleep sessions, and subliminal music do is really just make you feel okay with being a couch potato. There wasn’t enough action I was taking in my life. I wasn’t doing enough with what I had. My blog was drying up and I hadn’t wrote a new video skit in the longest time. Why? cause they lost their original meaning. That doesn’t mean I’m not ever doing them again, it’s just that I need to reassess why I did them in the first place.

When my blog started to gain popularity, my mindset switched from “hey, I love blogging and writing cool stuff and I hope people like what I write, if not, it’s okay, but if they do it’s so cool” to “whoa, my site’s getting popular, I need to continue blogging so I can keep this traffic up.” <— you see that? My whole meaning for updating this blog switched from just blogging for the sake of blogging to blogging so I can keep the traffic coming. Tell me, how am I supposed to write quality posts when I’m blogging to get more traffic. I might as well open up one of those stupid SPAM blogs if I wanted to do that. No, I’m blogging cause I love it, it’s something I’ve always done ( I used to blog on paper, I think they used to call it journaling or something). I love writing, I love seeing people comment on my writing, I love when my writing inspires others, I love when others who read my writings inspire me.

Truly, what set me to write this post was a comment on my latest blog post which read -

Tisk Tisk, no new posts, very disapointing

I read that and everything just clicked. Thank you, Val, for showing your disappointment. I appreciate it greatly. I apologize for not updating my site and I apologize for losing sight of what I wanted my site to be. Let’s have some fun this New Year and make this world a funnier, awesomer, snausaugier (wtf?) place.

What about you guys? What have you been stuck on? What has been in the back of your minds, plaguing you, asking you to give it attention? If you give it enough meaning, you’ll find the motivation to get it done.

I’m back.


The Zimp.


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