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WTF Birds?

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 by in Blog, Video | 3 comments

WTF Birds?

A while ago I tweeted (no pun intended) that when I’d go stand by a certain area near my pool, birds would congregate and swoop down in an effort to either attack me or scare me. I got some @ replies back exclaiming along the lines of: “Video! or it didn’t happen!” So, I decided to get some video footage of these crazy birds. It’s all interesting how it happens. If you’re nowhere near the pool, there’s almost no birds in sight. As you make your way to the pool you hear some chirping and the closer you get, the louder the chirps get. Then they start flying in, from all around you, chirping and confusing you. I thought they were going to pull a “clever girl” velociraptor from Jurassic Park move on me and pluck out my eyeballs through my ears, but alas, they were only trying to scare me. I only found out later as to why.

Here’s the video:



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