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The Awesomesausage – Zimp Vs. Brain 2

Posted on Jun 22, 2011 by in Blog, The Awesomesausage | 4 comments

The Awesomesausage – Zimp Vs. Brain 2

So, last week I went ziplining in St.John’s New Brunswick. It was a very interesting experience and, really, what else is there to do in St.John’s? Oh, I saw a SEAL also. This ziplining excursion was my first real brush with my greatest fear: HEIGHTS. Seriously, that motherfucker was HIGH. We even crossed over the river with the zipline at one point. Here I was having to put all my trust in my harness and buckles that were strapped to me and quite possibly smothering any ability I’d have to procreate. In the end, it was all worth it to look down below me as I zipped across and realize that fears can be conquered… however, having to hold your pee and being stuck high up in the air, well, that, that needs improvement (for the sake of saving me from embarrassment, no, I didn’t piss myself).


  1. love the splattered brain pic :)

  2. What a blast you had! I wish I could go and try out these zip lines, they look awesome. You had such a peefrct autumn day to enjoy them. So happy for you.

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